Thursday, June 14, 2018

Atlantic City to New York City

The view from Spiritus' slip allowed us to enjoy the dazzling lights of Atlantic City casinos.

When we departed Atlantic City at sunrise we could see the Ferris Wheel spinning on the boardwalk.

The Captain set our course in the Atlantic Ocean while the First Mate prepared the morning coffee!

Entering Manasquan Inlet after our 8-hour ocean cruise was a challenge because of the swift current.  

We discovered that lovely Point Pleasant is a vacation destination on the Jersey shore!

Spiritus and her crew were happy to stop for the evening and get safely secured at . . . .

. . . . the very local and oh-so-friendly Captain Bill's Landing!

We had a front row seat for their annual Fishing Tournament weigh-ins!

The nearby Red's Lobster Pot had the BEST lobster mac-n-cheese on the planet!

After indulging at Red's Lobster Pot, we treated ourselves to a stroll on the Point Pleasant Boardwalk

Their boardwalk reminded us of a special high school date we had at Panama City's Amusement Park in 1970. 

We wisely passed on the Moby Dick ride after being tossed around for 8 hours in the Atlantic Ocean!

A stroll on the Boardwalk would not be complete without ice cream!

The Jersey folks keep a watch on all the crazy tourists!

We made an early departure from Point Pleasant, hoping to ride the tide into New York Harbor.

We were fortunate to have calm seas and light winds as we approached the Verazano Bridge connecting Staten Island and Long Island.

Passing Fort Wadsworth on Staten Island brought back fond memories of visits there with our family.

Our excitement escalated as we viewed the distant New York skyline.

The Captain tried to stay out of the way of ferries and tour boats in this extremely busy harbor.

As we approached the Statue of Liberty, we miraculously managed to take a selfie.

And as we got closer to Lady Liberty, we were in awe . . . . and maybe even shedding some tears.

Truly an unforgettable "WOW" moment seeing Lady Liberty up close and personal from our own boat!

We departed the statue just as the boat traffic started to increase.
In fact, there were 200 jet skis from the NYC Race Team heading right toward us.

Passing new World Trade Center was another emotional, unforgettable experience.
It towers high above all the other buildings, looking very majestic.

The Jet Ski Race Team decided to continue up the Hudson River with us.  
Can you imagine how much noise 200 jet skis make?

The Empire State Building remains an iconic sight.

The sun shining on the World Trade Center radiated a beautiful, surreal glow.
We headed up the Hudson River, overcome with emotion, and feeling so fortunate to be able to  experience this amazing adventure.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Delaware City to Atlantic City

A mighty sailing vessel exited the Chesapeake-Delaware Canal as we entered.
The 28 mile C & D Canal connects Chesapeake and Delaware Bay.

We enjoyed seeing the many beautiful homes . . . .
 . . . . and salivated as we passed waterside grills & tiki bars along the canal.

Spiritus was extremely thirsty, so we stopped in Chesapeake City to fill her up!

The 135 foot high fixed bridge and the railroad span had more than sufficient height for our Spiritus.

As we approached Delaware City, we could see the early 20th century coastal waterfront buildings. 

Delaware City Marina provides a 500 foot lay-along to accommodate every size and type of boat. 

The Captain steers Spiritus slowly to the back of the line, being mindful of the swift moving current.

Spiritus joined 10 other Looper boats on the loonnnnggg floating dock.

The Looper crews gathered for a 5:00 weather briefing by Captain Tim, the marina owner.

After the weather briefing we immediately walked downtown to Clinton Street for Happy Hour and dinner at Lewinsky's.

Someone obviously has a political sense of humor!!!

Delaware City is a favorite stop!  We rode the bus from the marina to get provisions.
The next morning we departed this friendly, charming, and historic little town.

Just like Captain Tim briefed, our 6:00 a.m. departure found the Delaware Bay smooth and the tide flowing in our favor.

This is one of three lighthouses we passed on the Bay. As we approached each lighthouse, we could hear the bells ring, reminding us of the Good Humor Ice Cream truck.

After our 7 hour crossing, we tied up to Miss Chris at Cape May.
It was entertaining to watch the local fishermen shucking baskets full of clams!

Equally entertaining was watching the tourists paddle kayaks for the first time!

The First Mate is showered and ready to walk into town to eat some of that fresh seafood we've been watching the locals bring in!

Miss Chris' Marina was a hive of activity during the day.
But this is the peaceful view we enjoyed from our fly-bridge after hours.

Spiritus departed Cape May at 5:30 a.m. and went out the channel into the Atlantic Ocean.

We didn't expect the dozens of fishing boats that departed at the same time.
We witnessed the start of their annual "Shark Tournament".

This scallop boat was entering the channel after a long night as we departed with the dozens of fishing boats.

We had a relatively smooth 8 hour ride to Atlantic City. 
The rollers were about every 7 seconds, so our drinks didn't tip over too often!

It was thrilling watch the Atlantic City Beach skyline get closer and closer.

Spiritus is finally secured at Gardner's Basin Marina in Atlantic City, allowing her crew to take a nap!

It was a short walk to the ocean and the world-famous Atlantic City Beach boardwalk.

The beautiful, colorful flowers reminded us of why New Jersey is called "The Garden State".